Become a KWIS Underwriter!

Would you like to underwrite programming on KWIS? 

KWIS Radio is a non-commercial, educational community radio station dedicated to preserving the Culture, Language and History of Coeur d’Alene Tribe.  KWIS serves to bridge the gaps between Native and non-Native communities and strives to educate and enhance Cultural awareness through programming and affiliated content.

How does radio compare to print advertising?

* More than any other medium, radio stays closer to the consumer for longer periods during prime buying hours.

* Adults 18+ spend more than three hours per day listening to radio, considerably longer than they spend with newspapers (less than 37 minutes).

* Using radio along with newspapers increases your reach among light readers and younger consumers and adds impact by increasing the frequency of your message.

* Studies show ad size has little impact on ad recall, so you can decrease the size of your newspaper ad and redirect those dollars into radio.